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he was always happy and cheerful. just a wonderful kid. >> a boston university graduate student from china and 29-year-old krystle campbell a restaurant manager supporting a friend were also killed in the blast the 76 people remain in the hospital. 20 of them are critical. president obama will visit best temperature to take part in a prayer vigil for the victims. >> there is encouraging news for the family of a martinez boy injured in the explosions. friends and neighbors are coming together to help raise money for the family to deal with their expenses. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard has more. >> it is amazing the love and support that martinez is showing for the 11-year-old aaron hern and the family. custody no different, mountain mike's pizza will raise money to help the family with their
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expenses. 11-year-old aaron hern was waiting to his mom at finish line at the boston marathon and one of the bombs went off. shrapnel from the blast tore into his thigh, he remains hospitalized at children's hospital. friends and complete strangers have been organizing fundraisers for the family. last night, rocks on main raised $4,000 offering a pasta dinner for the family at $5 a plate. the owners' grandchild go to school with aaron hern. >> i go on facebook and talk about my specials of the day and this hits so close to home. >> they are great neighbors as seen by everything that has taken place in the past few days. everyone has been overwhelmingly gracious and kind to us all. >> the grandmother seas they
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will be in boston for at least another week as he remains hospitalized and recovers. they are grateful for the overwhelming support back home in martinez. mountain mike's pizza will donate 3 percent of -- 30 percent of proceeds starting today through sunday for the family, in an amazing show of support. >> thank you. a run and vigil held tomorrow in the east bay to honor the victims of the boston marathon bombings. the group responsible for organizing the oakland running festival has planned a three-mile run a mile for each victim killed in the explosions. the run will depart on college avenue and end at snow park. runners will hold a moment of violence for the bombing victims. we have the latest developments on the boston bombings coming up at 6:00, abc7 news anchor will join us live from boston and we
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have a slide show of the most touching images and memorials of courage on our website >> newly released documents show caltran ordered tests 4 1/2 yours ago that could have revealed problems with faulty bolts on the new bay bridge but they were never performed. 32 anchor bolts on the new span snapped last month when workers tightened them. the test that caltran ordered in 2008 were supposed to detect cracks in 96 anchor rods. however, the toasts were -- tested were never performed after the contractor questioned whether they were needed. officials are uncertain if the new span will open by labor day as originally scheduled. >> this morning, investigators plan to return to a san jose home packed with ammunition that erupted if flames starting in a garage at 7:30 that spread to a pair of ajoining houses. a resident said that there were 2,000 rounds of ammunition
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inside. it took several hours to bring the flames under control. no one was hurt. authorities are trying to determine why there was so much ammunition inside. >> at&t is offering a $250,000 reward in help in finding those who tampered with phone lines in the south bay. several fiber optic cables were cut after someone fired gunshots damaging a pg&e substation onmont stray -- there at monterey highway. it is believes the two are connected. there are the pictures of the area where the transformers were damaged. >> san jose is a step closer to becoming a hub for elite silicon valley corporate jets with approval of a 50-year lease agreement with signature flight services to build a facility on the west side of san jose airport. some residents turned out to urge for an additional curfew
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provision or shorter lease but did not get it. supporters pointed out the airport will get $3 million a year in rent. critics say the extra thousands of flight as year will mean more noise for neighbors. >> the brand new exploritorium opens on san francisco's waterfront. we are lucky enough to be right across the street from it and the new explore storm is cross the embarcardero from abc7 news 7 building. master control for the light show is mounted on our roof. the show uses 11 super high powered projectors. uses will be talked about in the next half hour. >> the official tv partner of the exploritorium is abc7 news. we have you covered for the events. a private ceremony is underway at 9 with the emcee an abc7 news
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anchor. the light show begins at 8:30 running until 11:00 tonight and tomorrow night. the museum is open until 10:00. we have everything you need posted on our website at >> check out our website and watch the special on the making of the new exploritorium with dan ashley. there are so many cool exhibits, a special table that reads ordinary objects as music notations and plays out the music. >> fabulous. >> you would like that. >> lots of things we will like. well like the weather forecast, too, mike? >> the exploritorium shows different lights on it than last time notice how beautiful. a little breezy, though, and around today.
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49 to 54 to start the day, and 58 to 66, and lower temperatures at the coast and higher at the bay and inland and from 60 to 72 at 4:00 and a pleasant evening at 356 at coast and 64 for the rest of us. you are paying more in water this spring than last spring, you have noticed? we are from 4.5" to 7" below and we have had breezes that dry the ground more than normal. when we get up the temperatures will warm up and we are in a no win situation. 80's for thursday, friday, saturday, inland, and mid 70's around the bay and upper 50's to low 60's at the coat. can't wait to sigh the mirror that continues you upside down. as we look at the drive along 101 out of marinwood into central san rafael a good drive northbound and southbound
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direction no problems coming from the waldo tunnel to the golden gate bridge and as we look at the map, we do have some construction along theory monday san rafael bridge at the toll boulevard until 6:00 a.m. and a quick look at san jose where we have a big rig northbound 101 that went down in a ditch. >> it wasn't terrorism concerns but something else that forced american airlines to ground hundreds of flights. we are live in washington, dc, with what american passengers could be facing today. >> how you can express your
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a covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area. this is abc7 news. >> another big story we are watching, american airlines passengers have their fingers crossed. tens of thousands were stranded yesterday by a large technology meltdown. the airline is hoping for near normal operations today. we are in washington, dc, with the latest. >> good morning, kristen, a huge mess for american airlines. their systems are up and running this morning but the impact of the massive computer meltdown is still being felt today and some are even experiencing long lines at american airlines counters
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this morning. >> american airlines hopes to get the planes off the ground today but will not be running at full speed saying they fix add problem with the computer network that left tens of thousands of passengers stranded. still, there is a backlog after they ground all of the planes. >> waiting to see what is happen ing. we don't know what will happen. >> from dallas to chicago to miami, planes sat on the tarmac and passengers waited in long lines. in all, 1,000 flights were canceled and hundreds more were delayed. >> the positive aspect is everyone has been pleasant. not so great is we have no idea when we will get home. >> the computer meltdown left agents unable to access information on the computers and the airlines separation center had no way to change or update schedules or even track bags. >> a huge frustration for
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passengers. >> trying to see when i get home. i have my poor baby at home waiting for me. >> a huge embarrassment for the nation's third largest airline which is preparing to merge with united states airways to become the world's big of the carriers^. >> we are responsible for getting you to business meeting, vacation and see your family and friends and that is a responsibility we take very seriously. we don't like to let you down. american offered passengers to fly on other airlines so they could get where they needed to go and they will get refunds to stranded passengers. >> 5:16. today, a bipartisan group of senators is expected to file an immigration reform bill the proposal will allow imgrants to immediatery gain provisional leadership status after paying back taxes provided they have not committed a crime. they can apply if permanent resident stat news 10 years and
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it tines border security and makes exceptions for law-abodying immigrant whose arrived at minors and completed high school. the bill is called a "compromise." >> there are changes in the weather. that is called "job security." >> wish we could have some rain, that would help a lot families and farmers. but it will not happen. sit back. relax. enjoy the warm sunshine that is coming our way even to the coast where there will be some gorgeous sunsets the next couple of days, feel friend to send some of those to us. we would love to see them. live doppler 7 hd shows how dry the air is. we will talk about the winds. they are gusty in spots. 28 at fairfield. to 24 miles per hour at napa. sfo at 20. 17 at novato. 16 in san carlos. most of the winds are coming from the north and the
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northwest. this is going to be the case for the better part of today as we continue our transition from that area of low pressure and the real winds we had monday to high pressure and calmer weather. transition has been quiet other than the breezy areas and there will be less of them today under sunny sky. it will be clear and cool the next couple of nights and i don't see a chance of rain if this action both seven-day forecast. we will talk about why. the high pressure started in the gulf alaska and now sliding south closer to us and relaxing the grade cent between it and the low to the east and, also, thin hours of sunshine is what is bringing us the modification of this air mass and why the days will be warmer. in the south bay today, santa clara valley, low-to-mid 70's and near 70 degree temperatures on the peninsula today, and breezy at times at the coast and upper 50's to low 60's in the sunset, and mid-to-upper 60's south, downtown, san francisco, and sauce lady and low-to-mid
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70's through the north bay valley and you will flirt with 60 at the beaches and in the upper 60's to low 70's along the east bay shore and low-to-mid 70's in the east bay valley. now some fun this afternoon, headed to the game, 12:35 first pitch and temperature at 64 and warming to 70's by the end of the game. mid-to-upper 40's inland and upper 40's to low 50's under a clear sky for the rest us. we keep climbing tomorrow and we level off friday, and look at the mid-to-upper 80's on mound and monday inland and upper 70's to low 80's around the bay. we will have some mid-60's at the coast well above average. leyla? >> speaking of breezes we have a high wind advisory issued by c.h.p. on the bay bridge. in the east bay, we have ongoing construction that started yesterday and southbound leverage onramp to the eastbound 4 freeway is closed so take
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leland to railroad and railroad will take you right back up to highway four and you will be on your way but we are already starting to see some red and brake lights from antioch and here is a look at the travel times down to 23 minutes on highway four and 580 is 22 americans headed from the central valley to dublin and 80 is short 13 minutes between highway four through berkeley to the maze. >> a set back for yahoo's turn around efforts and c.e.o. with the bloomberg business report coming up. >> california crackdown on distracted driving, a proposed new law that could have you leaving your smartphone in the glove compartment. >> a live picture of the new home of san francisco's exploritorium ready for the grand opening today.
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>> amendment at 5:23. you may soon be able to buy a low cost cell phone from apple. they could sell up to 75 million low cost phones next year. they have not confirmed it maps to do so.
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>> a bill banning voice activated texting has passed the transportation committee undoing legislation passed last year allowing hand's free texting but an asex bringman says the new information is that the texting is just as distracting to drivers as regular texting. >> beef prices are at an all-time high. >> here is jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> beef prices are going up, and the composite retail price on beef cuts including choice beef and hamburger climbed to an all-time high of $4.92 a pound in march up 5 percent from a year ago. commodities experts say watch for demand to grow as the summer barbecue season heats up. set back if yahoo turn around efforts and the c.e.o., with a drop in key advertising business as rivals google and facebook gain ground. we had a higher close for stocks after a stronger than expected report on new home construction.
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forget rock climbing walls how about a ride in a capsule called the north star? it is 300' in the air. an indoor sports complex has bumper cars and roller-skating or sky diving, and a rip cord among the new features on the new cruise ship the first sailing in 2014-2015 season out of new jersey south of new york city. that is the bloomberg business report. >> we are talking about the exploritorium all morning and here is the picture from the roof camera with the different lights they will shine. it is interesting. keep it here the next couple of hours. we will show you what is going on. amy hollyfield is there. now, highs versus average, we will be on redwood city at 71.
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livermore is 71. san francisco is 67 today. napa is 74. three degrees warmer than average. oakland is 72 and it is quiet across the entire state. sunshine and low-to-mid 70's for the central valley. 72 in los angeles. we have a situation brewing in oakland, a stalled bus blocking two lanes along northbound 880 at oak street. there are packed conditions and a closure northbound 880 at 23rd avenue off-ramp so it is busy if that area. give yourself extra time before you head out. a look at the golden gate bridge is looking clear with a few cars out of marin county into san francisco. >> funny man will not return to "dancing with the stars" after five weeks of struggling on the dance floor the comic was voted
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off the floor last night with the best scores with the foxtrot but the tango was the last dance. when the scores were less than stellar, he never lost his sense of humor and says he is grateful to his fans for keeping him in as long as they did. "good morning america" will have were more with the star coming up at 7:00. >> last tango in l.a. >> just ahead a plea for help and live to boston with what law enforcement is asking for in the search for the marathon bomber. >> on the loose, police are looking for two teens who escaped from
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> an outpouring of emotion as the community begins to honor and remember the victims of the
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boston marathon bombings as the first of many vigils takes place. investigators are looking at critical new clues to lead them to whoever is behind the attack. wednesday morning at 5:29. >> more on the stories straight ahead but first we will get you out the door with a check on weather. mike? >> good morning, everyone. well start with live doppler 7 hd. it is dry. no need for an umbrella but the strong sunshine coming your way later this afternoon. we have gusts at fairfield up to 28 and to 24 in napa and 17 in novato and 1 in san carlos and 12- to 15-around concord and toward livermore. today, we will have plenty of sunshine, mid-60's to mid-70's around the bay and flirting with the upper 50's to low 60's at the coast and low-to-mid 70's well above average inland neighborhoods. now the commute information. leyla gulen? >> we have a little bit of a
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situation in oakland but speaking of breezes, we have a high wind advisory on the bay bridge so watch that if you are driving figure that is high profile. as we head over to oakland, the drive along 880 northbound we have construction out there but we have a stalled transit bus and this is along northbound 880 at oak street blocking two lanes. look at damage it is causing, huge bumper to bumper traffic so give yourself extra time in that area. kristen and eric? >> it is 5:31. developing news this morning on the boston bombings, the f.b.i. is making an appeal to the public for photos and video or any information that could lead them to the bomber as they comb new clues uncovered at the bombing sites. we go live to abc7 news in boston. >> good morning, eric, the f.b.i. is doing that because there are still no suspects. here in boston, you get the sense that this is a city that is united. there is an outpouring of support for the victims in the
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hospital recovering and there is deep sympathy if the families who have lost loved ones. overnight, boston breathes emotional vigil in the dorchester neighborhood for martin richard, just eight years old, killed in the attack. >> at the boy's home, neighbors dropped off flowers and children remember him in a park where he used to play. another victim, 29-year-old krystle campbell is also being remembered at the marathon cheering on her friend's boyfriend. >> i cannot believe this has happened. she did everything... >> the third person killed has been identified as a boston university you graduate student from china. it is not just boston with a heavy heart. at yankee stadium a tribute to the victims "sweet caroline" playing, a fenway park favorite.
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♪ sweet caroline authorities are putting together more clues. abc7 news has obtained these photos of a shredded backpack and pressure cooker modified and used as a bomb. >> it appears this device may have been dropped in a backpack inside the trash can or outside the trash. >> this is insufficient evidence to decide if a second explosion was made in the same fashion. police line the streets but residents this boston are pulling together and trying for get back to their lives. >> we strong. we will not let anyone push us around. you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us. >> officials received a number of tips they are following up and president obama will come here tomorrow to attend the service honoring the victims. live in boston for abc7 news. >> thank you. a martinez boy injured in the bombing is making progress in
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the hospital this morning. the mother of 11-year-old aaron hern says he has opened his eyes now and has been communicating with head nods. he was in boston do watch his mom cross the finish line when the bomb exploded. he will have surgery today on his leg which was hit by shrapnel. support for aaron hern is growing if his hometown. mountain mike's pizza will donate 30 percent of sales through sunday to help the family. if you would like to show your support for aaron hern you can share this get well soon damage on your facebook page. you can get the badge by going to -- use -- abc7 news. >> we will be joined live from boston with a slide show of the most touching images and moments of courage open our website at
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abc7 news. >> a woman is in surgery after being shot while sleeping in her living room. someone shot into her hayward home around 12:30 this morning. a neighbor heard the shot being fired and saw a car driving away but police are not sure if the car is connected to the shooting. the woman is if her mid-20's is expected to survive. >> happening now, san francisco police are looking out for two escapeees from a juvenile facility. officials say there was a break out around 10:00 last night at youth guidance center on wood side avenue. so far officers have not released any nervous of the escape or the inmates. >> all lanes are clear on highway 101 through marin county after a man walking on the highway was hit and killed. he was described as elderly and struck by two cars in san rafael around 8:30 last night. the c.h.p. says he was walking
5:33 am
along the freeway and stepped out in front of a car. a second car also hit the man but took off. the driver of the first car remained on the scene until paramedics arrived. no word on his identity. >> five teens weighing up behind bars accused of gunning down an off-duty paramedic in the oakland hills. the arrests were announced hours after the funeral services for quinn boyer who was shot at a stop sign two weeks ago. police say the teens are all between the ages of 14 and 16 and were arrested over the past two days. investigators say they pulled up alongside quinn boyer on april 2 and randomly shot him in the head. the crime is part of a disturbing wave of violence among teenagers. >> parents, adults, school district members, politicians, you need to step up to the plate and take responsibility for changing the dynamics of the city. >> hundreds of people attended quinn boyer's funeral if
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oakland, his wife, father and mother escorted the casket and accompany by fellow paramedics and firefighters and law enforcement. he was 34 years old. >> the parents of a saratoga teen who committed suicide after an alleged sexual assault by three fellow students are suing the school district. a lawyer not parents of the 15-year-old audrie pott says they are suing the los gatos saratoga union high school district claiming the district did not do enough to stop the bullying of audrie pott who hanged herself after humiliating photo of her from the night of the alleged attack was shared by the boys with others. three, 16-year-old boys are facing charges and made their first court appearance yesterday. >> mcdonald's will not add a new location in the south bay of a all. the san jose city council has rejected the conditional use permit to build a new mcdonald's across the street from hyde middle school. the permit was denied last night on a 4-7 vote.
5:35 am
concerned parents and members of the community protests the new location saying the fast food restaurant would bring more cars to already busy streets. >> today is the grand opening of the new exploritorium in san francisco, the new home of the hands on science museum welcomed the public after years in the making. abc7 news news reporter is live at the embarcardero across the street from our abc7 news studio. amy hollyfield? >> it is very exciting, opening day. crews are here starting to take down the fencing you have seen up here at pier 15. that is a sign they will put out the welcome map this morning as the tv partner, abc7 news, has been given an exclusive look inside. look right now at inside pier 15, the new explore -- exploritorium. they have 150 new exhibits for
5:36 am
you to add hire and land dwell and play with. so much to see inside but do not forget the outside. there is a lot to see out there, including a fog sculpture. the outdoor space 75 percent of it will be free to the public 24/7 as a new urban park but, by the way, that will be full of exploritorium exhibits, explainers and their cards, experiences, animated, a civic space that the whole community can enjoy without having to pay for a ticket. >> another look inside, an algae chandelier. the point is, throughout this museum, they will show you that even the yucky stuff you can lend from. this is opening to the public at 10:00 a.m. and they do expect large crowds out here and they expect a big line out here along the embarcardero. we are at pier 15, as you know,
5:37 am
there is hardly any marking down here at the embarcardero and they are strongly encouraging public transportation and they do not want you to be discouraged and want you to check out the new explore -- exploritorium. >> abc7 news is the official tv partner of the exploritorium. here is a run down: private opening ceremony underway at 9:00 with abc7 news reporter dan ashley as emcee. there are various events throughout the day immediate and outside even for people waiting in line. at 8:30 the light show begins on the front of 15 running until 11:00 tonight and tomorrow and the museum is open until 10:00. everything is on and you can watch the making of
5:38 am
the new exploritorium with dan's special. >> nice walk from bart or caltrain to the exploritorium. >> the difficult portion is this morning because we have a breeze. you can see the flag on the exploritorium with gusts around 15 miles per hour on the embarcardero. it will be cooler at 10:00 and 65 and sunshine at 3:00, and 8:00 for the light show through 11:00 for temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's. temperatures are warmer than we were this time yesterday by double digits in napa, sfo, san carlos, and, also, livermore. that puts us in the 50's but fremont is 47 and san jose is 49 and santa rosa at 47. this afternoon, upper 60's to low 70's at the coat, and everyone else is in the low to
5:39 am
mid-70's. moving failure, warming trend continues stalling thursday into friday but you can see we have another push coming for the weekend. now a sig-alert and an update from leyla gulen. >> good morning, at 5:41. in oakland, this is day to a stalled mass transit bus along northbound 880 at oak street. you down to a screeching 8 miles per hour headed in the northbound direction with two lanes blocked out here and this backup, westbound 580 instead looking much clearer as you make the drive in the westbound direction. as we head over to better chicago, westbound 80, traffic is piling on a little bit headed out there in to the maze it starts to loosen up ever-so-slightly and a look at tolls, they are loading up a little bit and as amy hollyfield was telling us the exploritorium opens and it is a gorgeous day as mike mentioned so walk or
5:40 am
take muni and avoid the traffic headaches and parking. >> screaming at eight miles per hour? okay. you heard warnings of radiation and cell phone and the big phone companies may not have to disclose dangerous conditions to you in the future in a large bay area city. >> the world said good by to the woman would made history as the first female prime minister of
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>> in washington, the senate will vote today on a gun control bill that would expand background checks to more gun buyers. supporters are currently eight votes short of what is needed to pass the bill. the bipartisan measure requires background checks at gun slows and internet sales but would exempt private sales. senators will also consider eight amendments including ones to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines. the bill's sprang from the newtown connecticut school attack that killed 26 students and teachers in december. >> san francisco law requiring radiation warnings could be overturned under a new deal. the board of supervisors will consider a proposal in the coming weeks to end the battles with the kremlin phone industry lobby over the 2010 law which has been on hold.
5:44 am
it requires phone merchants to warn users to keep devices away from the brain and reproductive organs and drop the law and in return ensure taxpayers do not pay any of the legal fees which run into the hundreds of thousands. >> now the weather which is absolutely free. >> and gorgeous. a keeper, mike. >> it could pay you if have solar panels. we will lock. you will not have to use your heater or air conditioner but you will have to water the lawn. it is dry this morning, there is also no watches, warnings, and advisories. i have a beautiful picture from mount sutro bouncing around a little bit and we have a breeze but notice how clear the air is all the way into oakland and, also, berkeley headed to albany.
5:45 am
it will be sunny and warmer. an extended period of dry weather. we will not save any money water-wise. our warmest days are ahead of us sunday, monday, and tuesday. before that, we will talk about today, you can hear kristen clearing her throat and sneezing. she has the areas. is does gentlemany. -- so does joey. take your medicine because of the allergies. the high pressure is over the pacific and sinking air clock-wise flow is leading to a modification of the air mass and the form of getting warmer and getting calmer. here is what will happen today. down in the santa clara valley from 70 am milpitas to 73 in los gatos and as far as the peninsula is concerned we have upper 60 to low 70's and slight breeze from the coast is a breezy area but nothing out of the ordinary. we will have mid-to-upper 60's
5:46 am
south san francisco downtown toward sausalito but in san rafael and north, low-to-mid 70's for the north bay valley and upper 50's and near 60 at your beach and a few 60's along the east bay shore and everyone else is around 70 to 72 degrees and inland we will have low-to-mid 70's. today, a great game. sunshine, total sunshine, 64 at 12:45 temperature and 3:00 it will be 70 and you will be burned sitting in the sun. mid-to-upper 40's inland neighbors and upper 40's to low 50's for the rest of us and a warming trend on the seven-day outlook, tomorrow we jump up another two to six degrees and stay there through friday and then we jump a couple of degrees each day, saturdays sunday, and mop, and monday we could be near 90 inland and low 80's around the bay and mid-60's at the coast. have a did -- great day. >> good morning, everyone.
5:47 am
the weather is dry out here. as we look at the map it is not clearing, the 880 headed through oakland northbound side on oak street where we had a sig-alert in affect, two lanes are blocked because of a stalled transit bus and there could be passengers on board and they are bringing another bus out there to get them on their way. we are at five miles an hour so it is slower at this hour as you take color drive foreign and all the red plenty of it, westbound 580 instead and i will take you to san jose and a look at the drive along 87 northbound headed into downtown we have extra company out there and it is busy at this hour. kristen and eric? >> our time is 5:50. new at 6:00, crime disguised as compassion, thieves making their moves after the tragedy in boston. >> taxi riders keep your patience handy, the latest roadblock and a plan to put more cabs on san francisco streets. 8p
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>> margaret thatcher, the iron lady, was laid to rest this morning with a level of protest reflecting her status as a polarizing figure. leaders from 170 countries attended the funeral.
5:51 am
mourners include queen elizabeth ii and former vice president cheney. more than 4,000 police officers are on patrol in beside up security. >> relief is on the way for frustrated people would believe they wait too long for a cab. the municipal transportation agency voted to put 120 more takes on the street this year and 200 more next year. the agency wants to increase the number of vehicles from the country 1,600 to 2,300 but cab drivers want to hold off on the increases until the state decides whether ride sharing companies like lift and sidecar unfairly compete with the taxi services. >> think it is hard to find parking at u.k. berkeley now it will -- uc berkeley, it will get tougher because they are taking away 650 parking spaces. new building will rise from the
5:52 am
parking lots. construction begins on a new center with the lost spaces not being replaced. >> now at look at weather. will we see blue temperatures and mild temperatures? >> absolutely. here is the exploritorium where they have lights looking cool. four to seven degrees warmer than yesterday. temperatures are above average today. most of us are in the 70's. if you travel through the state, notice how quiet it is with sunshine around tahoe but not so breezy. low-to-mid 70's through the central valley to los angeles. leyla gulen? >> i have good news with the sig-alert canceled in oakland northbound along 880 beyond oak street we had a stalled tran it bus blocking a couple of lanes and all lanes have re-opened but we are looking at a slow drive. northbound 16 miles per hour starts jumping up to 28 miles per hour but from 238 into oakland we are looking at
5:53 am
25-minute drive so take westbound 580 instead to avoid it. >> a new report expected to be release today blasts the california public utilities commission and questions the agency's commitment to safety. according to the sacramento bethe report by a northern california consulting firm found commissioned staff lacked the leadership and tools to make safety a priority. a budget subcommittee will review the report as part of the an update on the safety culture change project an initiative launched in the wake of the 2010 san bruno pipeline explosion. the record was defended in a statement saying it made safety an underlying principle if all actions. >> in the waste of the boston bombing, san jose police are stepping insecurity in places where large crowds are gathered and they will assign more uniformed officers to patrol russians games, bomb sniffing
5:54 am
dogs work the pavilion before fans arrive and more police officers and police dogs will work at the san jose international airport. >> you can show your support at sky lawn memorial park and chapel of the chimes in either oakland or hayward. you can go through may 1 between 10:00 and 5:00 to express your condolences. >> new details of the victims of the deadly bombings and how family and friends are remembering those killed in the attack. >> also, an outpouring of support for the bay area boy injured in the blast and how you can pitch in to help his family. >> new revelations in the bay bridge bolt fiasco, the critical demands the makersing -- makers ignored.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. overnight developments from boston. investigators are honing in on new clues. this is what remains of one of the two bombs now in the hands of the f.b.i. >> a massive town out for the youngest of the sims killed in the bomb attacks. the vigil to remember eight-year-old martin richards. >> police are investigating an overnight shooting that happened blocks arm from a busy hospital. >> good morning, everyone, on this wednesday. >> a lot going on but we want to get. >> look at the weather which is changing. mike nicco? >> absolutely. live doppler 7 hd is consistent that it is showing how dry the pattern is. the changes are coming the form
5:58 am
of not quite as breezy and warmer temperatures. we have a few breezes an the bay keeping us in the mid-60's and mid-60's against for the evening. inland, at 65 by noon and 72 by 5:00, and mid-60's in the evening. the coast is breezy at 49. >> headed to the south bay along 101, away from dumbarton bridge you can see speeds are diminished as you make a drive southbound and northbound is not seeing any problems. as we jump in the east bay, the 580 westbound is 29 miles per hour so very packed conditions as you come from the altamont pass and it loosens as you continue the push in the week direction part dublin/pleasanton and northbound 880 at oak street we seeing lots of traffic but it is loosening and you can take
5:59 am
580 instead. >> we continue to follow developing news in boston this morning learning more about the victims and the devices used in the two explosions during monday's boston marathon. the f.b.i. says it is reviewing 2,000 tips and going through surveillance video and photos, boston tv station is showing a photo taken by a viewer near the finish line of a large stack in front of the metal fence next to the mail box and they are showing a photo taken moments after an explosion which is blurred because of the graphic nature of the aftermath but the large bag disappeared. last night, hundreds of people gathered for a vigil to on the youngest of the three people killed in the attack. 8-year-old martin richards loved one remembers him as sweet and compassionate boy. >> never sad or down, always happy and cheerful and ready to go. he was just all around a wonderful kid.

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